Resources for librarians and information specialists

Research4Life Advocacy Toolkit

Advocacy is an effective way to deliver your library’s message to a wider audience but also to help librarians become part of larger organizational, local, regional, or national conversations. This toolkit explains basic mechanisms to advocate for Research4Life and other resources. Contents include:

  • A manual that explains the idea of advocacy and how to develop an advocacy strategy.
  • A customizable presentation that can be used and adapted to present Research4Life to your stakeholders.

↓ Download the toolkit (.pdf file, 384 kB)
↓ Download the presentation (.ppt file, 3.4 MB)

Marketing strategies for Research4Life resources

Basic training aiming to give marketing tips and tactics to educate and inform users about the full potential of Research4Life and its resources.

  • Discussion of the concept of marketing
  • Strategies for implementing a marketing plan
  • Development of a Research4Life resources marketing plan for your institution

↓ Download module (.ppt file, 516 kB)
↓ Download workbook (.xls file, 60 kB)

Information literacy for researchers

Information literacy is knowing when and why you need information, where to find it, and how to evaluate, use, and communicate it in an ethical manner. Contents of this module include:

• Background, definition of information literacy
• Information seeking strategies for the Google generation
• Information literacy and higher education
• Instructional concepts
• Exercises

↓ Download (.ppt file, 3.3 MB)

Strategies for managing change: adopting and using Research4Life resources

How changes and innovations are implemented in an organisation is critical for the successful adoption of new information resources. This module reviews several models and concepts for managing change and gives strategies on how to apply these methodologies to an institutional setting regarding the adoption of Research4Life resources.

↓ Download (.ppt file, 424 kB)