Local, not-for-profit institutions in two groups of eligible countries, areas and territories may register for free or low-cost access to ten of thusands of peer-reviewed international scientific journals, books, and databases publications through Research4Life.

If your institution is an academic, government or research institution in a low- and middle-income country, you may be eligible to join one or more of the Research4Life Programmes.

Thousands of institutions across the world have already joined Research4Life. Your institution might already be registered with one of the programmes. If so, it can register again for a different programme, but please check the registered institutions for the particular programme before proceeding.


Institutions in two lists of countries, areas, and territories (Group A and Group B) are eligible to join Research4Life based on five factors.


Different factors and criteria are taken into account in order to define the countries assigned to each group.

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How to register

A step-by-step guide in different languages to register online Research4Life.

Institutions registered

Your institution might already be registered to Research4Life. Read the complete list of registered academic institutions.

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