A librarian in Myanmar is modernizing the way of delivering literature to students, a physiotherapist in Ethiopia is finding better ways to treat his patients and a researcher in Zimbabwe is tackling the burden of diabetes. These are just some of the many stories we hear from Research4Life user. Read more below on this page, and discover other stories from the community.

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Latest news

New nonprofit launched to support Research4Life

Friends of Research4Life, a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in the United States, was launched to support the critical mission of Research4Life to enable full participation in the global information environment. Organizations and individuals can now make contributions that directly benefit Research4Life programs.

Welcome new Chair and Vice-Chair of Research4Life Executive Council
We are excited to announce the appointment of Lise as Chair of the Research4Life Executive Council. We are also delighted to announce that Professor Tandi Lwoga has been elected Vice-Chair of the Research4Life Executive Council.
Empowering researchers in low-resource settings to attain SDGs: Bridging the gap with libraries and collaborative networks
Libraries play a crucial role in supporting researchers with the resources they need. Learn more about this in our latest blog post.
Dr. Bazirake (center) and the research team from the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (the IP Office). Photo credit: Natalia Rodriguez (2019).
Transforming innovation in LMICs: A Q&A with WIPO’s Technology and Innovation Support Division
Find out how TISCs and Research4life are supporting innovators in low and middle-income countries. Check out our insightful Q&A with WIPO's Andrew Czajkowski. Learn how TISCs and ARDI are making a difference and driving innovation in LMICs. Read more in our latest Q&A.
Children reading books from a Book Aid International Discovery Book Box, Sierra Leone
“We provide books for people of every age and background”: An interview with the Chief Executive of Book Aid International
Discover how Book Aid International is transforming lives by providing books to people of every age and background. In this interview, Chief Executive Alison Tweed shares insights into their mission, innovative projects, and the impact of their work across diverse communities.
Join us for our upcoming webinars addressing your FAQs and Technical Issues
Join us for our upcoming webinars addressing your FAQs about Research4life and allow us to assist with any technical challenges you are facing in order to improve your experience.
WIPO Study: Research4Life Program Spikes Research Output by up to 75% in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Free or low-cost online access to scientific publications — as provided by Research4Life programs — results in a surge in scientific output, particularly in health sciences.