Research4Life reaches 200,000 resources!

Published: Monday 6th February 2023
Category: News

2023 has started with a big milestone for Research4Life: more than 200,000 resources are now available for access by our users in 125+ countries and territories.

We provide access to peer-reviewed journals, books, and databases on topics like health, agriculture, environment, law, and social sciences from academic and scientific publishers.

It has been a long journey, from the initial 1200 journals offered by the founding 6 publishers at the very beginning of Research4Life’s history, in 2001 – to content from up to 200 publishers today.

You can find our resources collections on the Content Portal, where you can bookmark your favorite content, browse on any device and create search alerts.

We’re especially proud of the new Content Portal. When it was re-launched in 2021, it hadn’t been updated for about two decades: at Research4Life we rely almost solely on volunteers, and a project of this scope needed some careful allocation of funds. It took 9 months of design and development, a team working across 5 continents, and more than 50 testers from the Research4Life community – a real group effort!

Not yet using Research4Life?

Need a refresher?

We have prepared a simple introductory video in EnglishFrench, and Spanish to help you get started with the new portal.

Download a PowerPoint presentation of the new portal and its features — and share it with your user communities.

If you’re already proficient with navigating on the Content Portal, you might want to have a look at the many resources we have prepared to help you in your research journey:

Happy research!

Why are we fundraising for Research4Life?

While we have accomplished a tremendous amount through volunteer efforts and in-kind contributions, scaling-up remains challenging.