Our mission

We foster inclusivity, diversity, and equity in scholarly communication

Our mission at Research4Life is to build an inclusive, diverse and equitable scholarly communications environment by delivering free or low-cost online access to academic and professional peer-reviewed content, user-focused training and resources to researchers in lower income countries.

Access to a wide pool of trusted research information is essential for well-informed and up-to-date research and teaching materials.

Our focus

Being inclusive and equitable

We are committed to creating a diverse and equitable scholarly environment where all researchers can thrive.

Advancing global knowledge

We empower researchers to conduct ground-breaking research, enhance teaching, and inform policy making in crucial areas like health, agriculture, and environmental sciences, to address global challenges.

Access for all

We bridge the gap in knowledge access by providing vital online access to peer-reviewed academic and professional content for institutions in lower-income countries.

Local agency

Our Country Connectors project partners with institutions in various countries to boost research in LMICs by increasing awareness of Research4Life, meeting local research needs, and building community networks.

Research4Life has a strong impact on the publication and research capabilities of users: