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Published: Friday 8th October 2021
Category: News

Have you recently registered for Research4Life? We have developed a librarians’ toolkit to help you to promote Research4Life resources to your users.

Social media card to share on your platforms and inform that your institution is registered to Research4Life

Research4Life provides institutions in low-and middle-income countries with online access to academic and professional peer-reviewed content. More than 10,500 institutions from 125 countries and areas already use our resources.
For newly registered institutions, it could be a difficult task to inform users, researchers, students and other professionals about what Research4Life can offer. In this post, we are sharing marketing and training materials which can help you to promote these resources. This toolkit is intended for registered institutions and all the materials are free to download. Follow this step-by-step guide and help us to spread the word!

1. Create a plan

  • Identify your challenge.
  • Set-up a specific and measurable goal.
  • Analyze your audience: what are their information needs? How do they access news and information?
  • What change do you want to create, what do you want your audience to do?
  • Write key messages: you will find some examples in our social media cards below.
  • Map your resources: download these tools below.
  • Identify the best channels to reach your audience, e.g social media or by email.
  • Write a plan and implement it.
  • Monitor progress and evaluate if your plan was successful.

Download our presentation to learn more on how to develop a Research4Life Advocacy and Marketing Plan.

2. Place this poster in your institution

This poster gives a quick overview of the most important features of the Research4Life content portal.

You will find more brochures and posters on our Marketing material site in various languages.

3. Social media cards

Check our Trello account to download more social media cards.

Post these cards on your website and social media channels, informing your users about what kind of resources they have access to.

4. Publish a blogpost or news item on your website or newsletter

We have prepared the text below, which you can translate and modify as necessary.

5. Give presentations to your users, faculty or staff

This introduction to Research4Life will help your users understand what they can find in the new Research4Life content portal.

6. Organize training events for your users

More in-depth training will help your users to get the most out of Research4Life resources.

Find a complete set of training presentations, from insights into scholarly communication to tips for advanced search functions and subject specific resources, on our Librarians’ hub site.

7. Share new resources with your users regularly

Follow us on Twitter @R4LPartnership, Facebook @R4LPartnership, LinkedIn Research4Life or sign up to our monthly newsletter to receive information on latest resources and training possibilities.  

Share this news with your users on the channel they use the most, and help us grow the community!