Research4Life Publishing and Research Communications Short Course Two

Published: Tuesday 5th September 2023
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Writing Winning Grant Proposals: an Immersive Flipped Course” 

to be run between October to November 2023

Have you struggled to write successful grants?  Not sure where to start?  What funder to apply to?  How to better structure your research proposal?  This upcoming course is for you! 

As requested by 2022 Research4Life PRC Webinar Series participants, this course provides a deeper dive into the process of writing successful grant proposals. Taking place over 6 weeks from early October to mid-November 2023, this free course will be available to postgraduate students, early career researchers and experienced researchers looking to update their grant writing skills. You must be based in a Research4Life eligible country to register.

This immersive flipped course let by Alsayed Mashasheet, Ph.D. will offer a diverse learning environment where participants will take the initiatives for their learning by using a variety of contents, e.g. videos, written tasks, and quizzes, as well as discussion forums and online workshops with fellow participants and the instructors. Participants are expected to commit 2 to 3 hours per week in the course.

Please review the table below for the content summary of the course and the expected learning outcomes.  Please send questions to [email protected].  

Research4Life Publishing and Research Communications Short Course Two

Writing Winning Grant Proposals:  an Immersive Flipped Course” to be run between October to November 2023

Expected Learning  outcomes– Learn the key strategies for making a research plan
– How to form qualified research team
– Learn the steps of grant application: call selection and proposal alignment; research background, objectives, and methodology; budget and project management; handling proposal submission; and interaction with funders. 
– Key elements for success and common mistakes for each step will be discussed
– Hands-on exercises for each topic in the course.
– Interactive learning environment including discussion forums and open discussion workshops
– Strategies for overcoming the language barrier for non-native English speakers
Duration04 October to 17 November, 2023
Content summary– 31 topics offered as short videos arranged in 5 modules, one module per week:
* Module 1 – Selecting the call and funder
* Module 2 – Analyzing the selected call and funder
* Module 3 – Writing the background and technical section
* Module 4 – Writing the timeline, management, and impacts
* Module 5 – Post-writing stage
– Each video will be augmented by hands-on tasks, additional reference resources and a quiz, to help participants in learning the topic. 
– A discussion forum for each module, to encourage discussions and support among participants
– Each module will end with an instructor-led online discussion workshop, to offer feedback to participants on topics raised in the discussion forum and exercises, and to address any additional questions from participants
Additional event– A panel of experts will share their perspectives and personal stories on grant applications in an open webinar 
– To be held in the week of 12 November, 2023
Lead InstructorAlsayed Mashasheet, Ph D. Training consultant, CABI