Winners of Research4Life prize drawing announced

Published: Tuesday 20th September 2016
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Dr. Christopher Dye and Kimberly Parker from WHO

King Hussein Cancer Center is the lucky winner of the First Prize

Research4Life provides access to tens of thousands of online books and journals daily, but it is a rare occasion when it can offer a physical printed publication to one of the institutions. All institutions who paid for 2016 access to Research4Life were automatically entered this year in a Research4Life random drawing to win a major reference printed publication from one of the publisher partners. The slips with institution names on them were drawn in a random selection by Dr Christopher Dye, the Director of SPI (Strategy, Policy and Information) of the World Health Organization.

The reference publications offered as prizes by the Research4Life partnership were:

*ICD-10 International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th revision, Vol.1-3, 2010 edition (provided by the World Health Organization)
*Principles and Practice of Clinical Research, 4th edition (provided by Elsevier)

Delivering the first Prize for Ms Alice Haddadin, Director Library King Hussein Cancer Center

With great pleasure, we announce the first prize, first runner up and honourable mention winners of our 2016 payment promotion!

  • King Hussein Cancer Center (Jordan) – First Prize
  • St. George’s University (Grenada) – First runner up
  • Universiteti Aldent (Albania) – Honourable mention
  • University of Academy of Science of Moldova. Central Scientific Library “A. Lupan” (Republic of Moldova) – Honourable mention
  • Center of Early Intervention “Voinicel” (Republic of Moldova) – Honourable mention
  • University of Tirana (Albania) – Honourable mention
  • Ministry of Health. National Aids Programme (Suriname) – Honourable mention
  • Trinity School of Medicine (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) – Honourable mention
  • Ilia State University(ISU) (Georgia) – Honourable mention
  • Universidad Católica Boliviana San Pablo, Regional Santa Cruz (Bolivia) – Honourable mention

We look forward to holding similar drawings in the future for the benefit of all the Research4Life institutions. Congratulations to all the winning participants!

Professor Ivan Puiu from Voinicel Center

Professor Ivan Puiu from Voinicel Center