HINARI/Research4Life training workshop in Suva, Fiji

Published: Wednesday 27th January 2016
Category: Blog

Highlights from the Research4Life on-site trainings in the Western Pacific Region.


A five day Research4Life/HINARI “Training the Trainer” workshop was conducted last November for the first time in Suva, Fiji. This unique workshop gathered participants from eight different countries in the Western Pacific Region.

The workshop was supported by the Division of Pacific Technical Support (DPS) of the Regional Office of the Western Pacific and Librarians Without Borders®/Medical Library Association (LWB), a close partner of the Research4Life partnership.

During the five day workshop, participants learned the critical skills of the HINARI programme in order to be able to conduct training to the various target groups in their respective countries. A key component of this workshop included the development of a viable marketing plan for each of the countries where the participants work.

IMG_7190The workshop covered an extensive amount of information over five days. Through group exercises and training program scenarios, different modules were presented by our Master Trainer Lenny Rhine, in topics such as access to information resources, the HINARI portal, authorship skills and reference management tools. The workshop also included a marketing module where participants began to develop plans for the follow-up training in their home countries. Each individual completed a country-wide marketing plan so the knowledge learned could be effectively transferred in the future.


Are you a librarian planning a Research4Life workshop in your home institution? We can offer support with training and marketing material.