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Published: Monday 22nd June 2015
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BrillBrill publisher logo is an active participating publishing partner in the Research4Life network. The global academic publisher in the Humanities, Social Sciences, International Law and Biology traces its history back to the 17th century Netherlands and the university town of Leiden. The academic community has always been at the heart of its publishing activities. They are a key partner of academic institutions and their authors and editors come from all over of the world. They strongly believe that operating on a global scale requires that they also give something back to the academic community, particularly in developing countries. Research4Life is a key partner in Brill’s Developing Countries Program.

Participation in Research4Life

Brill publisher

Author Workshops organized by Brill

Brill participates in Research4Life by providing access to many of its 235 journals and engaging with the academic and library community through author workshops that introduce Research4Life and its resources.

New Programme Initiative on Law

The current four Research4Life programmes focus on different areas in STM. With a strong programme in International Law and Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Brill is rallying support for a new programme to be set up under Research4Life dubbed: Global Online Access to Legal Information (GOALI). The new programme would aim at providing access to legal information, with a specific focus on the areas of international law, human rights and rule of law.

Research4Life a Unique Network

Mrs Liesbeth Kanis, Business Development Manager Asia at Brill, who is also Member of the Executive Council of Research4Life, says the following about the collaboration with Research4Life:

“Research4Life is a unique private-public partnership that has evolved over the years through the dedicated commitment of strong individuals at both the participating academic libraries, the UN entities and the publishers at large. With the new development framework for 2030 on its way, there are many opportunities for Research4Life to contribute in a very concrete way to strengthen research capacity in developing countries. Brill fully supports this and hopes to contribute in its own way to the sustainable development of these countries to become knowledge-based and research output societies in their own right.”

About Brills Developing Countries Program

Brill also participates in existing Developing Countries Programs such as INASP, The Association of Common Wealth Universities and Publishers for Development. For more information on Brill’s participation in Research4Life or its Developing Countries Program contact: Liesbeh Kanis ([email protected]).