Research4Life makes thousands of scientific journals and books available to students, researchers and practitioners in countries across the world. How are they making use of this vast amount of information?

A librarian in Myanmar is modernizing the way of delivering literature to students, a physiotherapist in Ethiopia is finding better ways to treat his patients and researcher in Zimbabwe is tackling the burden of diabetes. These are just examples of the many stories we have gathered to show you how access to information can make a difference and improve the lives of those in need.


Discover more about Mary Acanit, winner of the 2016 Research4Life/INASP Advocacy Competition.

Her tenacious work to advocate for better resources and support for the university library in Uganda, enabled a digital transformation at Kyambogo University. Her role is vital for students and the research staff so their work reaches far beyond university doors.


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A series of videos and photo stories showcasing the impact of access to information in the developing world.
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The Research4Life publications that provide insights into how access to peer-reviewed research from Research4Life is benefiting the health, well-being, and economic and social development of communities in the developing world.
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