IOP Publishing joins Research4Life, adding 90 physics journals

Published: Thursday 13th August 2020
Category: News

IOP Publishing (IOPP), the publishing arm of the London-based Institute of Physics, has recently joined Resarch4Life. This adds 90 journals on various topics within physics to the Research4Life platform. Read our interview with Publishing Director Antonia Seymour to learn more.

Why did you join Research4Life?

Antonia Seymour

Seymour: “Research4Life’s goals and values are closely aligned with our own as a society publisher. We are committed to supporting projects that aim to increase access to knowledge and research in low- and middle-income countries and we are already working with INASP and EIFL.”

“We also recently launched our open physics program, in which we’ve committed to supporting open practices across the physical sciences by improving the access to, and transparency and inclusivity of the research we publish. Some examples include open data policies, transparent peer review and improving the geographic and gender diversity of our peer-reviewers and editorial board members. The decision to join Research4Life was a natural one.”

What kind of content does IOP publish and who’s the target audience?  

Seymour: “We are the largest society-owned physics publisher in the world. We publish over 90 journals across 40 subject areas, reaching beyond physics and into materials science, biosciences, environmental sciences, mathematics, engineering and education. We primarily target researchers in the fields we cover, but we are keen for anyone with an interest in science to read what we publish. Our science news service, Physics World, covers news and research developments in physics and beyond, and is designed to be accessible to a wide audience.”

Are there any resources in particular that would be particularly relevant to our users?

Seymour: “The peer-reviewed research we publish spans many fields of science and technology in the pure and applied physical sciences. We believe that the content we publish will be extremely useful for users of Research4Life’s ARDI program.”

Does IOP offer any special author services?

Seymour: “We have an extensive Publishing Support website, which covers everything authors and reviewers need to know about working with us. Through our IOP Academy, we provide submission guides for authors, and run trainings for early-career researchers on ‘how to get published’. We also offer language editing services in partnership with Editage.”

“For corresponding authors in low-income countries (as defined by the World Bank), we offer a waiver or discount on article publication charges (APCs). Countries listed in group A are eligible to receive a full APC waiver (100% discount) and countries listed in group B are eligible to receive a 50% discount on the APC.”

Are you a Research4Life user and do you want to browse through the titles offered by IOPP? Log in to Research4Life via your preferred ARDI and select ‘Publisher’ in the ‘Find by’ menu at the top. Alternatively, you can perform an advanced search. Some IOPP journals have also been added to Hinari and OARE.

Not a user yet? Check if your institution has access, and if not, if it is eligible for access.