Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

Research4Life is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals. When United Nations Secretary General António Guterres launched the UN Sustainable Development Goals “Decade of Action” in September 2020, he left us with more than just inspirational words:

“The science is clear. The people are clear. This is no time to procrastinate. […] We must […]  set our sights high, as we strike out for a world of dignity and opportunity for all on a healthy planet. Together, let us make this a decade of action; a decade of ambition; a decade of transformation; a decade of hope and peace.”

Our ambition is for Research4Life to contribute to the United Nations Decade of Action by increasing research participation from the Global South. This is why the recent Strategic Plan to 2030 focuses on inclusion and equity in the global research community, supporting the creation of an even richer body of research which will help to advance the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our work

Research4Life offers our partners, users and supporters the opportunity to contribute to the creation of a diverse and inclusive and equitable research ecosystem for all.

Our unique public-private structure allows us to work effectively in alignment with SDG17: Partnership for the Goals, to support our community of users as both consumers and producers of critical research and advance SDG10: Reduced Inequalities.  

The 200,000+ resources accessible through Research4Life have a widespread impact towards SDG4: Quality Education, aiming to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” – especially in the areas of health (SDG3), food security (SDG2), innovation (SDG9), the environment (SDG13, 14 and 15) and the law (SDG16).

An AI model for the SDGs

The Partnership’s core activities play a vital infrastructural role in the development of evidence-based policies and investment priorities that will maximize the chances of the Goals being realized. Our Content Strategy Team is working with computational scientist Jaron Porciello, co-founder of Havos.Ai, on a model to identify research gaps by matching the contents on the Research4Life platform with a corresponding Goal. Once the gaps are highlighted, scientists would be able to see important areas that are less researched, and publishers could start new journals.


To learn more about Research4Life and the Sustainable Development Goals, you can now browse the articles and stories by searching specific SDGs using the category filter.

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