Virtual Research4Life General Partners Meeting, 29-30 July 2020

Published: Thursday 25th June 2020
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Pw: GPM2020 – Please do not share with anyone else.

We are excited that you’ve joined us for the 2020 GPM, our first ever virtual conference. We have worked hard to compress it, develop an interactive piece, and ensure appropriate options for communicating ideas and opinions. Over two half days, we have heard from our users, learned about the work that has been done over the past year, made needed decisions and looked towards the future. Review the agenda.

Agenda itemSlide deck
vGPM Day 1 (All presentations)Download slides
vGPM Day 2 (Technology, Eligibility, Fundraising, Finance Oversight)Download slides
vGPM Day 2 (Programme Updates FAO, Capacity Development)Download slides
vGPM Day 2 (Communications, ExCo)Download slides

Information for all participants.

Below you can find a list of meeting documents.

Information for presenters.

We have put together a short best practices document that will help you prepare for your presentation at the vGPM. Review the document, and don’t hesitate to contact us should you require additional support.

You can download the official Research4Life PowerPoint template: it allows you to edit the slides and add your own content, while staying on brand.

We’re using Slido for all interactions during the meeting. You can create polls to be shared during the presentation, and explore ways to interact with the audience. We have created a quick Slido guide tailored to the GPM. You can also check out Slido tutorials, and browse the helpcenter.