Webinar: How to use the FSTA database for research in food and health science

Published: Wednesday 16th September 2020
Category: News

FSTA – Food Science & Technology Abstracts is a database by IFIS Publishing with scientific and technological information in the sciences of food and health. Research4Life users with access to FSTA content can do so via the EBSCO platform.  

Join us on 24 September at 2:00 pm CET for a free webinar on how to search effectively when using FSTA through EBSCO. You will learn:

  • How to do a basic search: quickly find high-quality information in your area of interest within food and health science.
  • How to use the thesaurus to search: make sure you find all of the relevant studies, using our extensive food and beverage-focused thesaurus to discover and combine relevant keywords for your search.
  • How to do an advanced search: drill down into only the most relevant results, and pinpoint exactly the information you need.

Important: before signing up, double-check that you have access to FSTA through Research4Life

FSTA and IFIS Publishing

Trusted by researchers, scientists, students and government bodies in 158 countries across the globe, FSTA is the definitive way to search over fifty years of historic and emerging research in the sciences of food and health.

  • Content is curated from a wide variety of sources including journals, patents, books, reports, conference proceedings, reviews and standards. 
  • In addition to the core areas of food science, food technology and nutrition, FSTA includes relevant content across a host of related fields, including agriculture, public health, food safety, microbiology, psychology, business, and many others.  
  • A team of expert scientists rigorously vet additions and sources for value and relevance to the sciences of food and health, ensuring that no predatory journals are included. 
  • Content is indexed using the unique FSTA Thesaurus, the most comprehensive food and beverage thesaurus in the world, making it a powerful tool for precise searching. 

FSTA enables researchers, industry practitioners and students in the global food community to find the relevant, reliable research they need.

FSTA is produced by IFIS, a leading international provider of information in the sciences of food and health. As an educational charity, IFIS provides resources and training in information research skills.