Webinar: Discover Elsevier’s Researcher Academy

Published: Wednesday 20th January 2021
Category: News

We invite all Research4Life users to a webinar on Researcher Academy, a free platform that helps researchers participate in the global scientific landscape. Join us on Friday 29 January at 12:00 pm CET to learn all about it!  

Improve your research skills

Researcher Academy is a free e-learning platform by Elsevier, designed to unlock the potential of early and mid-career researchers. It provides access to resources designed to support researchers: from the beginnings of research preparation, through the publishing process, all the way to demonstrating impact.

It offers an extensive module catalogue to uncover a world of knowledge, and earn certificates and rewards as you progress. On Researcher Academy, you can follow courses and learn how to:

  • Improve your writing skills 
  • Publish a research paper in a journal with a high impact factor
  • Obtain funding for your research
  • Manage research data
  • Review a paper 
  • Communicate about your work to boost the impact of your research 
  • Planning your career and, job searching 

The platform also provides research news, the most up-to-date advice and guidance on a number of topics through webinars, videos, interactive modules and downloadable guides.

This webinar will be conducted by Priyanka Kalra. She is the Project Manager for Researcher Academy and works on product development, marketing, communications and digital content for the platform.

Register for the webinar

The webinar will take place on 29 January from 12:00 to 1:00 pm Central European Time (CET). Check a time zone converter to find out the time of the webinar in your own region.

The webinar is free to attend, though registration is required. After registration, you will receive a link through which you can join the meeting.

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Watch the video below to find out more about Researcher Academy.