A librarian in Myanmar is modernizing the way of delivering literature to students, a physiotherapist in Ethiopia is finding better ways to treat his patients and a researcher in Zimbabwe is tackling the burden of diabetes. These are just some of the many stories we hear from Research4Life user. Read more below on this page, and discover other stories from the community.

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New nonprofit launched to support Research4Life

Friends of Research4Life, a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in the United States, was launched to support the critical mission of Research4Life to enable full participation in the global information environment. Organizations and individuals can now make contributions that directly benefit Research4Life programs.

How to Read a Scientific Paper
An infographic with four simple steps to follow when reading a scientific paper: Skim, Re-read, Ask yourself questions and summarize. About the author Natalia Rodriguez Natalia Rodriguez is the Communications Coordinator for Research4Life. She works with different organisations finding innovative
Understanding Research4Life
Check out a quick and easy infographic about Research4Life and its programmes. About the author Natalia Rodriguez Natalia Rodriguez is the Communications Coordinator for Research4Life. She is a Science Communication Creative working with different organisations to find innovative ways to communicate science and
Empowering Agricultural Researchers through the Internet
Scientific research is a vital component of development, but often academics from developing countries have to struggle in order to have access to up-to-date scientific literature, such as international journals, books and databases. Read more on e-agriculture
Research4Life Newsletter May 2014
Table of Contents Note from the Editor “Unsung Heroes: Stories from the Library” “Research4Life Partner Meeting July 31st 2014 Washington DC” New AGORA Programme Manager 10th Anniversary of AGORA Mendeley joins Research4Life Global Online Access to Law (GOAL) Assessing the
Unsung Heroes: Stories from the library
New Publication from Research4Life Partners Research4Life’s global testimonies from librarians in developing countries highlight the important role they have in building institutional capacities and aiding in vital research From information literacy training to building infrastructure and outreach, librarians are critical to building
Research4Life's HINARI featured at World Health Organization
WHO recently featured HINARI, with special interviews with Research4Life user and Director-General of Sudan’s Central Medical Supplies Public Corporation, Gamal Khalafalla Mohamed Ali, who heads the national agency responsible for getting medical supplies to all public health institutions. For the