Beyond the 2015 Horizon: Research4Life’s Current Strategic Plan

In addition to outlining the five strategic goals which form the heart of our strategy for the next five years, the plan document also summarises in one place a wide range of basic information about Research4Life, its provenance, mission, and modus operandi.  A PDF file of the complete plan


Research4Life is the collective name for a one-of-a-kind initiative which encompasses four public private partnerships seeking to help achieve the UN's Millennium Development Goals by providing the developing world with access to critical scientific research, empowering universities, colleges, research institutes and government ministries as well as non-governmental agencies, extension centres and hospitals [Learn more]


Since 2004, the four Research4Life programmes - Research in Health (HINARI), Research in Agriculture (AGORA), Research in the Environment (OARE) and Research for Development and Innovation (ARDI) - have given people at more than 7,700 institutions in over 100 countries, areas and territories in the developing world free or low cost access to more than 44,000 peer-reviewed international scientific journals, books and databases provided by the world's leading science publishers. [Read more]


Publicly-funded non-profit institutions in most low and middle income countries are eligible to register for access to Research4Life content. Additionally, the partners are committed to providing appropriate long-term training on the use of online resources and more. [Read more about Eligibility]


Research4Life has made headlines by providing access to millions of researchers, scientists, students, clinicians, practitioners and policy makers to the world's research in medicine, agriculture, environment and related social sciences. Please contact us if you would like to find out more, or to contribute to this unique project [.....]