Publisher of the Month: SAGE
We are back with our Publisher of the Month section and this time the turn is for SAGE Publishing. SAGE Publishing is an active publishing partner in the Research4Life network, closely aligned and committed to supporting the partnership’s mission to provide access
Elsevier provides free online training platform for researchers
Publishing Campus is a new platform with free online lectures, interactive training courses and expert advice. Where should you go to get advice on applying for grants, planning your career or improving your publishing skills? Elsevier launched the Elsevier Publishing
Research4Life Webinar Series
We are pleased to announce the webinar series “Research4Life: the library that opens doors”. In collaboration with AIMS, the series of webinars will illustrate how Research4Life works, how it is constructed and who can join the partnership. It will briefly present the four Research4Life
Training Tip: Effective reading and writing
Did you skim-read that scientific paper adequately? Does your writing draw conclusions and link concepts clearly enough for your reader? Low and behold, not all scientists are natural writers. In fact one of the issues that researchers often find themselves
HINARI/Research4Life training workshop in Suva, Fiji
Highlights from the Research4Life on-site trainings in the Western Pacific Region.   A five day Research4Life/HINARI « Training the Trainer » workshop was conducted last November for the first time in Suva, Fiji. This unique workshop gathered participants from eight different countries
African researchers learn how to get their message to a global audience
TReND organized a course on Science Communication and Writing for young African researchers. “All forms of science require expertise in scientific communication, with publishing of manuscripts being just one communication aspect.” says Dr Andrew Beale, the Malawi and Mozambique Contact for TReND in
Research4Life to partner with DOAJ to ensure the inclusion of quality open-access journals
Research4Life and DOAJ announced today a working partnership that will help to ensure that the users of Research4Life will have access to the largest possible array of open access journals from publishers following a quality standard. The partnership will also
Research4Life Training: An Overview of the Past Year
To make the best use of the Research4Life resources, training is one of the key and most important activities that our partners and programmes are committed to offer to our users. During the year thousands of librarians and researchers make use
Publisher of the Month: JoMI
The Journal of Medical Insight (JoMI), is Research4Life’s new publisher of the month. The Boston-based journal publishes surgical video articles filmed at top U.S. hospitals. Although only 2 years old, JoMI is growing quickly with 30 released articles and a
Publisher of the Month: Brill
Brill is an active participating publishing partner in the Research4Life network. The global academic publisher in the Humanities, Social Sciences, International Law and Biology traces its history back to the 17th century Netherlands and the university town of Leiden. The academic community
National Research4Life Workshop: HINARI Training in Georgia
Sponsored by the World Health Organisation and Librarians Without Borders, a three day ‘HINARI Train the Trainers’ workshop was held last April in Tbilisi, Georgia. A total of 25 participants completed the course. Attendants included a mix of physicians/clinicians, researchers, librarians, IT staff and
‘Making a Difference’: Where Are They Now? – Dr. Tim Meade
Tiny Tim & Friends (TTF) in Lusaka, Zambia How access to scientific literature crucially improves the lives of affected children, adolescents and pregnant women from some of the most economically deprived compounds in Lusaka, Zambia.By Nina Elsemueller Four years ago