Finding AGORA resources by keyword – Literature Research with Summon
(Image credit:, CC0 license) We are pleased to announce three upcoming webinars in English, French and Spanish about how to search AGORA with Summon. Summon facilitates literature research on the AGORA portal enabling the user to search resources by keyword, filter search
AGORA : Tracking Usage Growth : April 2017
AGORA (Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture) is one of the four programmes making up Research4Life (R4L) facilitated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. AGORA’s goal is to provide free or low cost access (complementary to open access) to peer-reviewed journals (to date: 9.020) and e-books
Research4Life/INASP Advocacy Competition Winners Announced
  A librarian from Uganda and a researcher from Zimbabwe winners of the Advocacy Competition The Research4Life/INASP Advocacy Competition has received inspiring stories from researchers and librarians around the world. More than 150 applicants have shown that it is possible to advocate
Access to Research for Development and Innovation Webinar
Launched in 2009, ARDI – Access to Research for Development and Innovation – is the youngest of the four Research4Life programmes. Coordinated by the World Intellectual Property Organization and together with its partners in the publishing industry, ARDI provides access
Publisher of the Month: Taylor & Francis
Our highlighted publisher this month is Taylor & Francis Group.   Taylor & Francis Group is a founding partner of Research4Life and a founding member of Publishers for Development, a world-leading publisher of scholarly journals, books, e-books and reference works. Their
A look at AGORA usage in the world
Africa leads in terms of usage, but AGORA has considerable presence in Asia and Latin America. With by far the highest number of registered institutions in the world Africa uses AGORA the most, especially Sub-Saharan Africa, which accounts for the
Research4Life Training workshops: An overview of the past year
A total of 98 Research4Life training workshops were organized in the past year around the globe. Every year, the Capacity Development Team of Research4Life -along with Universities, United Nations agencies and partner organizations- organizes different training workshops around the globe.
AGORA: What’s in a name?
AGORA is about agriculture, but only in the broadest sense “Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture” might appear to have a strongly agricultural slant, but AGORA’s topical reach extends far beyond that. Did you know, for example, that there
Research4Life-INASP Advocacy Competition
Version en Español Over the last two decades we have worked together with INASP to close the information gap between developed and developing countries by providing free or low cost access to academic, scientific, and professional peer-reviewed content online and providing the necessary training
Interview with Chenjerai Mabhiza about the Forum on Open Data, Open Science and Open Access to Information in Agriculture
Interview with Chenjerai Mabhiza, Head of User Services at the University of Namibia Following the forum on Open science and Open Data in Agriculture in Namibia in April, we caught up with Chenjerai Mabhiza – Head of User Services at the University
Publisher of the Month: SAGE
We are back with our Publisher of the Month section and this time the turn is for SAGE Publishing. SAGE Publishing is an active publishing partner in the Research4Life network, closely aligned and committed to supporting the partnership’s mission to provide access
Elsevier provides free online training platform for researchers
Publishing Campus is a new platform with free online lectures, interactive training courses and expert advice. Where should you go to get advice on applying for grants, planning your career or improving your publishing skills? Elsevier launched the Elsevier Publishing