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«Information is power. With access to relevant information, people can make a difference in their communities and beyond, transforming the lives of millions.»
Fundraising is tied into the strategic direction of Research4Life, helping achieve its mission to empowering the researchers and policymakers around the world.
«Users are a powerful voice: they actively contribute to shaping Research4life»
Mercy Moyo, Secretariat of the Research4life User Group, on the Group's activities and plans for the future.
Finding accurate poisons information: spotlight on the New Zealand National Poisons Centre
Research4Life users can access the NPC's professional and timely advice on poison management and emergency preparedness.
From Research4Life user to co-Chair of Research4Life Technology team
Martin manages Research4Life's technology platforms and offers support to users, working closely with our technology partners.
All Research4Life content is now available in Syrian Arab Republic
Research4Life publisher partners granted access to almost all Research4Life content in Syrian Arab Republic as a response to the current crisis.
«Research4Life is an incredible community»
Ylann Schemm, Director of the Elsevier Foundation, tells us why they're supporting Research4Life Country Connectors project.
Why are we fundraising for Research4Life?
We need help to support the critical mission of Research4Life to enable full participation in the global information environment.
Research4Life in 2022
2022 was a busy year for us at Research4Life. We launched the new Strategic Plan: Our Vision to 2030, initiated projects to better support our users around the world, made important changes in our leadership, and worked to scale our offer. Read below for a recap of stories from this year!
95 Research4Life countries granted free access to ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global
ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global (PQDT) database is now available on Research4Life. Boasting more than 5.5 million doctoral and master’s degree documents, PQDT gives access to graduate work from around the world.
Inscríbase ahora para el primer Curso Virtual en español de Research4Life sobre recursos electrónicos de salud
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La primera edición del curso virtual (MOOC) en español enfocado en recursos electrónicos de salud tendrá lugar del 24 de octubre al 20 de noviembre de 2022.
Join us for a side event at the FAO Science and Innovation Forum
Wednesday, 12 October at 11am CEST: Partnering to Provide Access to Scientific Information to the Global South to support agrifood systems transformation.
Sarah Phibbs is the new Director of Research4Life Publisher Partnerships
Sarah comes to the role already having close experience with Research4Life. she brings years of experience as a consultant for societies and publishers focusing on sustainable publishing, strategy, and innovation.