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Finding accurate poisons information: spotlight on the New Zealand National Poisons Centre
Research4Life users can access the NPC's professional and timely advice on poison management and emergency preparedness.
Twenty years of Hinari in Viet Nam
Since 2022, Hinari has supported researchers in Viet Nam to practice medicine from a solid evidence base.
Dr Ni Vietnam
«Research4Life was the main reference for reliable information»
Dr. Ni from Cho Ray Hospital in Vietnam talks to us about his career and how Research4Life supports his work.
Strengthening diagnostic medical imaging in Tanzania through Research4life
By Dr. Mboni Ruzegea, Director General of Tanzania Library Services Board and National Library. The use of imaging technology to diagnose and treat local endemic diseases is gaining pace in Tanzania. Thanks to the increased availability of evidence-based research, radiologists in
news clipping from the washington post and new york times covering the launch of hinari
Twenty years of Hinari
For the 20th anniversary of Hinari, Research4Life’s Health program managed by WHO, we went back in time a retraced its history.
How Research4Life has responded to the COVID-19 emergency
COVID-19 is not affecting all the Research4Life community in the same way: new User Review shows the pandemic impact, and how Research4Life can help.
How Research4Life helps save lives on a neurosurgery ward
Dr. Pratyush Shrestha uses Research4Life to get vital information to successfully operate a complex case that he has never seen before.
Improve your skills in discovering health resources with the Research4Life MOOC on Hinari
Health researchers, practitioners and librarians who use Research4Life are welcome to join the next Research4Life MOOC on Hinari, which will run from 15 February to 15 March.
How a video journal helps medical students and surgeons during the coronavirus pandemic
The Journal of Medical Insight (JOMI), provides peer-reviewed video articles covering surgical procedures step by step. The journal is available through Research4Life.
Three things you didn’t know about Hinari
Today, 7 April, marks World Health Day. This year, the day has a special focus on recognizing nurses and midwives. We asked our colleagues at Hinari, Research4Life's health information program, about the very first nursing resources on the platform.
Hinari/Internet Resources ‘Train the Trainers’ Workshop in Sarajevo
Hinari/Internet Resources ‘Train the Trainers’ Workshop in Sarajevo
From 14-17 May 2018, a Hinari ‘Train the Trainers’ Workshop was conducted by Lenny Rhine from Librarians Without Borders/Medical Library Association (USA) at the Hollywood Hotel, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The workshop was supported by the WHO Kyrgyzstan Country Office and the University of Sarajevo Medical School.
Hinari Train the Trainers workshop in Egypt
Hinari Train the Trainers workshop in Egypt
A total of 50 participants including 5 from Djibouti and Libya were present at a Hinari Sub-regional workshop in Cairo, Egypt. The majority of the Egyptian participants were from health-related academic institutions. The workshop was jointly organized by WHO EMRO, the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB) and the Librarians Without Borders/Medical Library Association, USA (LWB).