Tailoring Workshops to the Participants’ Needs (HINARI, July 2011)

Published: mercredi 6th juillet 2011
Category: News


  • In the past three years, approximately 20 new training modules have been developed. These include E-book Resources for HINARI Users, Evidence-based Practice Resources for HINARI Users, EndnoteWeb, CINAHL, Information Literacy, Authorship Skills, etc. Many of these modules highlight underutilized HINARI resources. Consequently, there is too much material to cover in a 3 or 4 day workshop.
  • The 1st part of the module reviews E-books resources available from HINARI Partner Publishers via the Reference Sources drop down menu (e.g. The Oxford Textbook of Medicine). The 2nd part is an overview of free E-books available from the Internet (e.g. freebooks4doctors com gateway). After completing this module, participants will have the knowledge and skills to locate and use these clinical and basic sciences electronic textbooks.
  • In recent workshops in Papua New Guinea and Nepal, the trainers have worked with the local organizers to identify the specific information needs of the participants. For Nepal, an ‘Advanced HINARI’ course was developed. In Papua New Guinea, the workshop included the E-book Resources, Evidence-based Practice Resources plus a separate Authorship Skills course. (February 2011).

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