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Published: jueves 16th julio 2015
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The Journal of Medical Insight (JoMI), is Research4Life’s new publisher of the month. The Boston-based journal publishes surgical video articles filmed at top U.S. hospitals. Although only 2 years old, JoMI is growing quickly with 30 released articles and a dozen slated for release in the coming month. JoMI has recently join HINARI to offer its content and registered institutions will be able to access this unique resource.

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Comprehensive Educational Experience
JoMI video articles allow surgeons at every step of their training and practice to take control of their education. JoMI increases surgical exposure by providing subscribers access to best-in-class surgical videos which also offer the highest caliber of didactic content. Every video is fully narrated by the surgeon and includes an accompanying write-up of the case. Procedures are divided into their component parts so that viewers can easily navigate. Furthermore, each article includes animated visualisations of the surgery to facilitate understanding of the underlying anatomy and techniques used.

Bridging the Low-Volume / High-Volume Outcome Gap
Given the correlation between volume of surgeries performed and patient outcomes, JoMI is dedicated to trying to improve outcomes for low-volume surgeons and hospitals. JoMI provides visual, intellectual and emotional exposure to surgeries. The skills a high-volume surgeon gains from live surgeries are not merely fine-motor. They also gain an overall familiarity with the techniques required, possible complications and how to deal with various pathologies. JoMI provides a way for low-volume surgeons to develop these skills as a part of continuing medical education, which we believe can help bridge the outcome gap.

Diverse Surgical Specialties
JoMI currently specializes in orthopaedics and general surgery but is expanding its focus to ophthalmology, vascular surgery and neurosurgery as well. JoMI is also developing a Fundamentals series where surgeons teach surgical techniques both basic and advanced.

Recently Released

The full index of JoMI articles is available here.