How to register

This document is a step-by-step guide to completing the Research4Life registration Online for AGORA, HINARI and OARE. To register these programmes online click here. To register for ARDI click here.

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Following this simple guideline will ensure faster response to all registrations to HINARI, AGORA, and/or OARE. To register for ARDI click here.

Before filling the online form, please make sure that you have all the needed information. The more information you provide on the form, the faster we can process your registration. Please note there is a limit of 255 characters at Activities and Comments fields. If you cannot fill in some valuable information or don’t have enough space to provide complete explanation, send an email with the additional details to the relevant HelpDesk: (, (, ( You should refer to your online registration and include your institution’s name.

If your institution is a university or professional school, before filling the form, check the list of Registered Universities and Professional Schools at:

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If your institution is already listed DO NOT REGISTER again. Ask at your Library for the access first and then send an enquiry to the relevant HelpDesk: (,(,(, ( if necessary.

If your account (UserID & password) has stopped working DO NOT REGISTER again, send an email to the relevant HelpDesk (, (, ( explaining the problem. They will work with you to reactivate your access.

Be careful selecting the correct country name. If your country is not listed it is because it is not eligible for Research4Life programmes.

Do not fill multiple registrations while you wait to hear from Research4Life programmes. This just slows down the processing of all registrations while we check and eliminate duplicates. You may send an enquiry to the relevant HelpDesk (, (, ( to ask about the status of your registration.

Avoid acronyms and spell out the complete name of institutions and departments.

As standard procedure, the welcome message to Research4Life programmes are sent to the Director and Library contacts. If you are registering on behalf your institution, alert them that they will receive an email from the respective HelpDesk if the registration is approved.

With the welcome message, the Director and the Library Contacts will receive a Licence Agreement. Encourage them to fill and sign and return quickly after receipt.

Which publishers are offering access to registered users?

Find out which publishers are participating in your country in: