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Empowering researchers in low-resource settings to attain SDGs: Bridging the gap with libraries and collaborative networks
Libraries play a crucial role in supporting researchers with the resources they need. Learn more about this in our latest blog post.
Join us for our upcoming webinars addressing your FAQs and Technical Issues
Join us for our upcoming webinars addressing your FAQs about Research4life and allow us to assist with any technical challenges you are facing in order to improve your experience.
WIPO Study: Research4Life Program Spikes Research Output by up to 75% in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Free or low-cost online access to scientific publications — as provided by Research4Life programs — results in a surge in scientific output, particularly in health sciences.
Research4Life, DOAJ, ASSAf Accredited Course
This accredited course aims to strengthen the journal publications and enable the research from low- and middle-income countries to be more visible and accessible.
Register now for the upcoming 9th Research4Life MOOC
Registrations are open for the 9th edition of the Research4Life Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) .This free five-week course, which is taught in English, will run from 27 May to 30 June 2024.
Research4Life Country Connectors in 2024: Expansion and Impact
Read the latest report about our Country Connectors' work to heighten awareness about Research4Life resources and improve the research quality and quantity in lower income countries.
Smart medical libraries for a ‘Smart Bangladesh’, the contribution of Research4Life
M. A. Mamun and S. Rahman explain the role of medical libraries in healthcare modernization. They advocate for smart medical libraries for a 'Smart Bangladesh', and point out the significant impact of Research4Life in enhancing medical library access and supporting the broader goals of 'Smart Bangladesh', and the SDGs.
Photo of Lenny Rhine
Lenny Rhine is transitioning roles at Research4Life
Research4Life wishes to express our deep gratitude to Lenny Rhine as he steps down from his co-chair position in the Capacity Development (CapDev) Committee. Lenny will remain involved in Research4Life, contributing towards the CapDev team and the Country Connector program.
Calling Users and Partners! Join us for our Research4Life Stakeholders Town Hall Meetings
A warm welcome to our inaugural Research4Life Town Hall! You’ll hear from key leaders in the Partnership about our 2023 strategic plan highlights and plans for 2024. There’ll be an opportunity to learn from Country Connectors making a difference to researchers on the ground, lessons learned and cross pollination of knowledge.
A woman wildlife biologist setting a camera trap on a tree in a forest
How can we help the growth of research from LMICs?
Progress in LMICs research output is uneven. Organizations can help increase participation of researchers from LMICs by reflecting and making change. Participatory and decolonizing research methods aims to include local perspectives, complemented by efforts to increase visibility and support for researchers from the Global South.
Making research equitable for all: Research4Life 2023 year in review
2023 has been an exciting year for Research4Life. Read this recap of some of the stories from this year!
Image of R4L users in UDOM
Working towards SDG4 in the United Republic of Tanzania
The University of Dodoma in Tanzania is advancing SDG4 by offering scholarships, special needs education, and adult literacy programs. The university's growth and its partnership with Research4Life significantly enhance Tanzania's educational and research landscape.