Research4Life Code of Conduct – Raising Ethical Concerns

Research4Life promotes and maintains a culture of equality and diversity and treats all volunteers, consultants, and people who come into contact with individuals or organisations delivering work for Research4Life and other stakeholders with dignity and respect, and promotes a safe environment free from discrimination, harassment or victimization.

Equally, everyone involved with the Research4Life programs is committed to the highest standards of integrity and anyone acting on behalf of Research4Life is expected to respect all laws and regulations of the countries in which it operates. Professional and personal conduct of everyone should be beyond reproach, given the vital work that the programs do.

To support the high standards expected from Research4Life, we actively encourage you to report all instances of suspected wrongdoing in strict confidence to a designated Executive Council group which includes the current Chair, Vice Chair, and past Chair.

Incident reports should be submitted to the following email address [email protected].

Reports submitted should: be without malice, be in good faith, and the individual must reasonably believe that the information disclosed tends to show that an offense has occurred

Absolute evidence is not required to initiate a report; the intent of this process is to identify potential concerns early on and to seek appropriate redress.

Any claims of wrongdoing, discrimination, harassment or victimization are taken very seriously and are acted upon by the Executive Council of the Research4Life programs and may be reported to the employer and/or law enforcement of the relevant country as appropriate.