Resources for partners

Hi there, if you are reading this, then you are one of nearly 200 trusted publisher partners. It is no exaggeration when we say that without you, we would not be able to give access to over 151.000 resources in low- and middle-income countries. Thank you for your contribution!

On this page, you can find resources to promote our partnership that you can use on your website, social media and in meetings. If you need any additional materials, or if you have an idea for a targeted campaign (great!), the Research4Life Communications and Marketing team is here for you.

APC waiver guidelines

Our guidelines encompass a checklist of things to consider when setting and implementing an APC waiver policy and provide recommendations on how best to communicate your policy to potential authors from the Research4Life user community.

Communications toolkit

Our communications toolkit contains information about working with the Research4Life communications team, as well as templates for news stories, social media posts, cards and logos.

Visit our Trello Board and browse material for your website, newsletter and social media channels.

Interested in all the assets we have developed for partners? Download the full toolkit (.zip, 16 MB) ↓


Looking for photographs to use in your communications? Check the below gallery. Please note that the use of these images is restricted to communications about Research4Life.

Booklets and brochures

Information in Action

July 2017. A collection of stories resulting from the Research4Life/INASP advocacy competition

↓ English (web, 2 MB)
↓ English (print, 8 MB)

Our Vision for 2020 and Beyond

July 2016.

↓ English (web, 2 MB)