Revised version of the HINARI Training Portal

Published: quarta-feira 15th outubro 2014
Category: News

A revised version of the HINARI Training Portal was recently launched. The reorganization had two goals: to update and streamline the basic and advanced Hinari training modules and move the cross-programme Research4Life materials to a new portal.

The HINARI Training Portal has been reorganized into four sections:

  • Basic Course – focuses on skills necessary for accessing and using HINARI resources including basic searching skills, introducing the HINARI portal and PubMed searching
  • Advanced Course – builds on the Basic skills with more sophisticated PubMed options, searching evidence-based resources, discovering e-books, health sources on the Internet, and other HINARI resources
  • Research4life Training Portal – provides a link to a our site that includes material on authorship/publishing skills, reference management software, marketing, managing change, Research4Life programmes’ overview, and links to basic courses for all programmes
  • Online Learning Courses – contains several self-paced courses that take 4-6 hours each and also includes the HINARI Video Series.

These updated and re-organized resources will be useful to trainers and users. Please take a look here: