Emergency access to Research4Life content extended to occupied Palestinian territory, including east Jerusalem

Published: segunda-feira 6th maio 2024
Category: News

Research4Life is committed to providing access to vital research to those in need, particularly in regions affected by conflict and economic collapse.

In light of the ongoing conflict in the occupied Palestinian territory, including east Jerusalem, the Research4Life publisher partners have granted free emergency access to Research4Life content for this territory, currently designated as Group B (fee-paying).

The Emergency Action has been initially granted through June 12, 2024 — with the potential for an extended timeframe — and waiving all fees for the year. This will provide access to Research4Life collections, a critical resource for institutions, researchers and healthcare professionals on the ground.

You may check regularly at: https://www.research4life.org/access/emergency-action/ to see if the planned end to the Emergency Action has been extended.