Research Consulting completes landscape analysis for Research4Life

Published: terça-feira 26th maio 2020
Category: News

In this time of global crisis and uncertainty, scientific research, and equitable access to its outputs, has assumed a central role in the lives of billions of people across the globe. We are pleased to announce that Research Consulting has completed a landscape and situation analysis commissioned by Research4Life. The report assesses the shifting dynamics and external influences relevant to equitable access to research.

The goal of the report is to inform future strategic decision-making within Research4Life. The objectives of the landscape analysis report were to:

  • understand the external dynamics and recent changes within the research communication ecosystem, including the funding of research in and for LMICs, which may have an impact on the value provided by Research4Life for its stakeholder partners and users; and
  • identify the key trends in research communication which are likely to have a bearing on the strategic direction of Research4Life over its next five-year cycle.

Additionally, a separate addendum collects findings on COVID-19 and its impact on research capacity in low- and middle-income countries.

“The Research4Life Landscape and Situation Analysis provides extremely pertinent and valuable insights into the shifting dynamics and external influences at play”, says Andrea Powell, Publisher Coordinator for Research4Life. “This report will serve as an invaluable scene-setting contextualisation for us as we review the last five years and plan for the next five. Given the extremely interesting and useful reflections provided, the Research4Life Executive Council is happy to share its insights and conclusions with other stakeholders in the wider research communication ecosystem and indeed our entire audience.”

Read more and download the full report from Research Consulting.