Making research equitable for all: Research4Life 2023 year in review

Published: segunda-feira 4th dezembro 2023
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2023 has been an exciting year for Research4Life. With the Partnership extended until 2030, we have embarked on a strategic transformation underscored by the inception of the Equity Committee. As the Country Connector project gains more traction, we were able to spotlight interesting stories from some the participating country. We shared heart warming narratives from our users, which deepening our understanding of their needs. We also highlighted some of the remarkable people who are pillars of Research4Life, driving our ongoing success. Read below for a recap of some of the stories from this year!

Driving change and equity

A group photo of R4L stakeholders

Research4life partners extend their mandate to 2030

The renewed commitment will ensure that more than 200,000 resources from 200 publishers continue to reach research communities in low- and middle-income countries.

An image reading: The Research4Life Equity Committee aims to bring about transformative change in the representation and participation of researchers from lower and middle income countries

Research4Life launches a new committee

The aim is to address the existing disparities and foster inclusive practices, to enrich the research landscape with diverse perspectives and insights from all corners of the world.

An image with text reading: Support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal's vision of an inclusive and equitable world. Donate to Friends of Research4Life

Why are we fundraising for Research4Life?

We need help to support the critical mission of Research4Life to enable full participation in the global information environment.

Stories from our users

An image a photo of Mr Jalloh with a quote from him saying 'Any evaluation of the impact of Research4life will be underestimated. The best analogy of its impact would be to restore the vision to someone who lost it

Research4Life has been with me through my entire career

We caught up with Dr. Jalloh to chat about his work and the role that Research4Life and Hinari has had throughout his career, supporting his research and practice in Senegal and beyond.

An image of a photo of Anu Rai and a quote reading; When researchers from underrepresented regions get exposure, they bring diversity in perspectives that enrich the research process

My research journey: An experience from the Global South

Anu Rai shares with us how the Research4Life APC fee waiver and discount scheme is helping to level the playing field for researchers in the Global South.

A photo of Khutsafalo Kadimo and a quote from him reading: Research4life grants people a chance to live again, delivers justice, improves agriculture productivity and support care for the environment

Research4Life grants people a chance to live again

We caught up with Mr. Khutsafalo Kadimo to learn more about his advocacy for Research4Life resources, and plans for the future of the Partnership

Spotlight on our country connectors

A photo of Joice Baliddawa and a quote reading:It was a pleasant surprise for our institution to be identified as a hub for research.

Fostering communities and knowledge access at Moi University

Moi University College of Health Sciences is a leading institution in Kenya for training health care professionals. It is also a Research4Life Country Connector host, dedicated to enhancing capacity of information use, building communities of evidence users and establishing local networks.

A photo with a quote from Sonam Wangdi reading: Access to knowledge and information is a powerful weapon to fight poverty and promote sustainable development for global citizens

Research and Researchers in Bhutan

Chief Librarian Sonam Wangdi discusses the challenges and opportunities for researchers in Bhutan, emphasizing the importance of access to quality information and the country’s evolving research sector.

Photo of a man in front of a laptop, looking at his phone

Working towards SDG4 in the United Republic of Tanzania

The University of Dodoma in Tanzania is advancing SDG4 by offering scholarships, special needs education, and adult literacy programs. The university’s growth and its partnership with Research4Life significantly enhance Tanzania’s educational and research landscape.

Two men on a field looking at mobile phone

Using digital innovation in African higher education

This article that explores digital innovation in African higher education, showcasing the inspiring efforts of educators overcoming connectivity challenges to make knowledge accessible. Dr. Richard Bruce Lamptey, one of our Ghana country connectors, impactful work is a key focus.

Get to know our people

Photo of Angeline with a quote reading: I enjoy teaching information seeking skills to empower people as much as possible. That allows me to return the community the favour that was granted to me when I was in dire need of information

From lawyer to librarian: meet OARE Program Manager at Research4Life

Meet Angeline Djampou, Chief Librarian at United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the Program Manager of OARE in Research4Life.

A photo of Martin Legga along side a quote from him reading: what excites me about Research4Life is the opportunity to serve a wide range of users contributing and adding value to the deliver of Researh4Lifes mission

From Research4Life user to co-Chair of Research4Life Technology team

Martin manages Research4Life’s technology platforms and offers support to users, working closely with our technology partners.

A photo of Mercy Moyo with a quote from here reading: Im passionate about Research4Life because by providing access to the needed scientific information, it helps researchers in the Global South find local solutions - contributing to the SDGs

Users are a powerful voice: they actively contribute to shaping Research4life

Mercy Moyo, Secretariat of the Research4life User Group, on the Group’s activities and plans for the future