Research4Life: A User Experience Review

Published: Sunday 3rd November 2013
Category: News
In January 2010, R4L contracted Edmond Gaible of The Natoma Group to conduct a User Experience Review, which was to assess key factors that affect the influence of Research4Life on developing-country participation in the activities of the global research community, with particular emphasis on the impact such participation has on social and economic development. Underlying the assessment was the perceived need to develop improved understanding about the R4L user community. This article, presenting results of the 2010 User Experience Review , offers an extensive picture of the people who use R4L, the activities that they conduct, and the ways in which R4L currently orpotentially supports these activities. The findings presented here complement and expand the
scope of recent case-study analyses of access to research in eastern and southern Africa (Harle 2010). Presented at IFLA 2011.

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