Deadline extended! Register now for the next Research4Life MOOC for users in the least developed countries

Published: Friday 8th May 2020
Category: News

We are pleased to announce a new edition of the Research4Life MOOC specifically for users from the world’s least developed countries, from 15 June to 19 July. The courses are organized in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organisation and the United Nations Technology Bank for Least Developed Countries. Research4Life users in these countries can register until Sunday 7 June.

The Research4Life MOOC covers topics relevant across all Research4Life programs, such as the scholarly communication landscape, information literacy skills and advocacy and capacity development strategies. Additionally, it provides specific information for users of Hinari, AGORA, OARE, ARDI and GOALI. Discover the full program.

“As a computer scientist and university lecturer, I use Research4Life to access the latest technical research, reports and scientific journals,” said Mohamed Siddig Hassan, who works at Shendi University, located on the Nile river bank, 150 km of Khartoum, Sudan. He published his first book in 2016 and is now working on two scientific papers. Last year, he participated in the first Research4Life MOOC.

“The course increased my knowledge about the scientific publishing landscape, the classification of scientific journals and the different types of scientific databases,” Siddig continued. “I can immediately apply this in my research, paper writing, and to share it with students and colleagues. All of this will help enhance the research in my institution and community.”

“This course is relevant for librarians, researchers, teachers, scientists, and students”

Shahajada Masud

“I’ve been using Research4Life for over ten years now. The available resources are very useful for our faculty members, researchers, and students,” said Shahajada Masud, Sr. Assistant Librarian at the Brac University Ayesha Abed library in Dhaka, Bangladesh. At the library, he spends his days helping patrons finding the resources they need. “I had already completed several relevant Research4Life trainings like ASIRA, but the MOOC for the first time covered all Research4Life resources. And I learned some new things! Knowing how to use advanced search techniques, bibliometric tools like Scopus and the Summon discovery tool was really useful for me and my university.”

“The course contents are really relevant for librarians, researchers, teachers, scientists, and students. The quality of the teaching is fantastic, the course facilitators are very professional. After attending this course, anyone can conduct training on Research4Life resources in their respective institute.”

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If you have verified those two things, please fill in the online application form before 31 May to join the course.

The course will also be organized in October of this year.