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Published: Monday 20th February 2017
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A.S.I.R.A. (Access to Scientific Information Resources in Agriculture) Online Course for Low-Income Countries started on 13 February, 2017. Throughout the course, several webinar sessions will be held based on the subjects taught in the units. These webinars are open to anyone who is interested in the subject. The third webinar will be held on 21 February (Tuesday), 2017. Register HERE. No need for ASIRA Online Course participants to register.


You are invited to the third webinar of the A.S.I.R.A. Online Course for Low-Income Countries offered by FAO of the United Nations in collaboration with Research4Life.

A.S.I.R.A.’s webinars are specially designed for the course participants but also open to anyone who is interested in the subject.

Our speakers come from diverse background come together to complete the flavor of the course, sharing their experience and expertise in their fields.

Here is the information about the third webinar entitled AGRIS: Providing Access to Agricultural Research and Technology Information and Exploiting Open Data on the Web

Date & Time:

Tuesday 21 February, 2017, 15:00 CET


at NOTE: no need for A.S.I.R.A.’s course participants to register


Thembani Malapela, Knowledge and Information Management Officer at FAO of the United Nations

AGRIS is the International System for Agricultural Science and Technology. It is supported by a large community of data providers, partners and users. AGRIS is one of the many bibliographic databases used for locating agricultural information online, others examples include PubAg, TEEAL and CAB Abstracts.

AGRIS is a database that aggregates bibliographic data, and through this core data it retrieves related content across online information systems by taking advantage of Semantic Web capabilities. Through AGRIS core data, related content across online information systems is retrieved thereby enriching the search results.

This webinar will present the AGRIS international initiative and partnership, looking at how AGRIS bibliographic data acts as a gateway to enable researchers and policy makers to retrieve agricultural and scientific information. The end-user based webinar will explain the fundamentals of AGRIS, give an overview of the AGRIS interface, and show how users can initiate their searches using both the simple and advanced search functionalities.

About Thembani Malapela

Thembani Malapela works as Knowledge and Information Management Officer at the FAO of the United Nations. Currently he is responsible for AGRIS user support and communications and in evaluating various ways of improving the AGRIS user experience.

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