Emerald Publishing joins Research4Life

Published: Thursday 30th July 2020
Category: News

We are pleased to announce that Emerald Publishing has joined the Research4Life partnership. Users can now browse and access 402 Emerald journals through the Research4Life portal. We spoke to Melissa Fojt, Head of Community Partnerships at Emerald to find out more.

Why did you join Research4Life?

Melissa: “We are committed to helping to lessen global societal challenges in underrepresented communities. By providing access to information, individuals and groups are able to make well-informed and educated decisions. We want to influence positive change, whether it’s the future of research assessment, open access or finding new ways to make research more accessible and discoverable.”

“Partnering with Research4Life will better enable us to achieve and progress with this aim. Furthermore, at Emerald we are committed to being a responsible business. We have a four-pillar approach, with each pillar aligning to a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, to support the current global challenges.”

What are you most excited about, when it comes to joining Research4Life?

Melissa: “Research4Life believes in ‘closing the knowledge gap’ and here at Emerald we too believe in this goal, therefore as organizations we very much have the same outlook and are working towards the same objectives. Firstly, we are excited that we are now able to disseminate our content and information to a wider audience. Secondly, being a part of Research4Life offers so many opportunities for change as well as making us part of a large collective of like-minded publishers and authors.”

What does Emerald have to offer Research4Life users?

Melissa: “We have an extensive collection of high-quality journals that we can offer to Research4Life users, including social science and humanities research. We pride ourselves on our diverse interdisciplinary and thought-provoking research from authors around the world. Furthermore, we have recently invested significantly in developing our technology to make searching and using our content online more intuitive.”

“Additionally, we’ve worked alongside many of our communities and most recently librarians to create a community specifically for librarians called Emerald Engage. Emerald Engage is a place where you can develop your network, connect and debate the relevant topics in a trusted and valued environment. We also used this network to help create our insight platform.”

Emerald Engage, Emerald Publishing’s new community for librarians, was designed especially for librarians. The platform helps librarians develop their network, connect with industry leaders from around the globe and debate the things that matter.

There are chat rooms, events, polls and surveys on relevant topics and areas of interest and you’ll be able to challenge your own thinking as well as the thinking of others. The community also shows you the results of what members are discussing and how you can make a difference.

There are resources to help librarians in their role, invites to online events and free articles on relevant subjects. Members are welcome to share what else would be of benefit to help with their librarian career. There’s also a monthly prize draw and Emerald also rewards the most engaged Member of the Month as well as spot prizes for specific rooms and activities.

If you are a librarian and want to join this network, sign up now!

What does the future look like for Emerald Publishing?

Melissa: “In these challenging times, Emerald continues to be committed to making sure our research remains accessible to ensure people can make evidence-led decisions in society. We want to continue to challenge conventional thinking and create impactful research. We are also aiming to hold a webinar in partnership with Research4Life in the near future.”

Keep an eye on our channels to receive updates on an Emerald webinar!

Are you a Research4Life user and do you want to browse through the titles offered by Emerald Publishing? Log in to Research4Life via your preferred program and select ‘Publisher’ in the ‘Find by’ menu at the top. Alternatively, you can perform an advanced search.

Not a user yet? Check if your institution has access, and if not, if it is eligible for access.