Communication channel: AGORA now has an active discussion forum on DGroups!

Published: Thursday 31st March 2016
Category: News

The new group on the e-mail based dialogue platform is a place to stay informed about AGORA and to network

agora-01At its heart DGroups is a dialogue platform that connects a partnership of groups working in international development. Designed to be as simple and inclusive as possible DGroups uses e-mail as a mode of communication rather than web forums, facilitating users in countries in the south with low bandwidth.

Once signed up to the AGORA DGroup mailing list (it takes less than a minute) members can expect to receive e-mail updates with recent blog posts and news covering anything from capacity development activities to new content. There’ll also be plenty of AGORA-related discussions to join in with.

As one of four initiatives under the Research4Life umbrella AGORA’s mission is to open up access to online research in agriculture in developing countries, and DGroups represents a vital link in this chain.

We look to forward to seeing you on there soon!