We regularly organize webinars in collaboration with our partners and kindred organisations to highlight and explain some of the resources or platforms that they have made available through Research4Life.

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Upcoming webinars

Elsevier Researcher Academy29 January 2021
Cambridge University Press23 February 2021

Webinar recordings

Partner webinars

Cab Abstracts

CAB Abstracts holds over 11.6 million records in applied life sciences from over 120 countries in 50 languages.


Dimensions Plus by Digital Science connects research papers with information about funding, patents and much more.


Embase uncovers drug-disease relationships and drug-drug interactions. Webinar also available in Spanish and French.

FSTA Database

FSTA by IFIS Publishing contains information on food and health sciences. Download the PowerPoint.


In March 2020 PubMed released an update with lots of new features. Research4Life users can access this new version. Download the PowerPoint.

Improve your skills

Joining and using Research4Life

Research4Life experts explain how institutions can join Research4Life and make the most of its offering. They answer frequently asked questions and explain how you can check what is available in your country and organization. Download the PowerPoint.

Summon and Google Scholar

This webinar helps you build an effective search strategy via Summon or Google Scholar to search across Research4Life programs. Download the PowerPoint.


Learn how INASP supports researchers in low- and middle-income countries in publishing and communicating their research – and discover AuthorAID, a global network of researchers. Download the PowerPoint.