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Published: mardi 28th avril 2020
Category: News
Research4Life user survey

Are you a Research4Life user and do you want to help us decide which webinar to organize next? We have recently started a series of webinars around specific resources to help our users to take full advantage of its resources and research tools. New, we are inviting all of our users to share which Research4Life resources they want to learn more about.

Research4Life provides users with up to 108,000 resources – including not only journals and books, but also databases, e-learning portals and more. However, not all users are familiar with these additional resources, or might need further training to get the best value from them.

We’d like to hear your opinion on relevant topics and resources that we should bring to the attention of our user community, and for this we have created a short survey. We kindly invite you to share which Research4Life resource you want to learn more about.

To help us get as much feedback as possible, please share the survey within your network of Research4Life users.

Visit our Training page for webinars and training tools.