Join us for our upcoming webinars addressing your FAQs and Technical Issues

Published: mardi 21st mai 2024
Category: News


Do you have any questions regarding using Research4life? Are you having difficulties with logging in or usage of your institution’s credentials? Are you facing any technical issues regarding Research4life? These upcoming webinars are for you!

“R4L helpdesk’s answers to Frequently Asked Questions”

June 13 3:00-4:15 CEST and SAST

In this webinar, the Research4Life Support Team will provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions received from Research4Life users. We will answer, among others, questions about the most common access problems, login problems, questions about payments and access from Group B countries, questions about publication fees, also the questions that the participants ask during the webinar etc.

“R4L Technical Issues”

June 25 3:00-4:15 CEST and SAST

Research4Life aims to bridge the knowledge gap between developing and industrialized nations by providing low-cost online access to essential scientific research for institutions in low- and middle-income countries. While this initiative enhances teaching, research, and policymaking across various scientific domains, users of these valuable resources have reported technical challenges. These include issues with IP-based authentication, institution proxies, and VPNs among others. To address these challenges and improve your experience, we are inviting you to a special webinar that will focus on the technical aspects of accessing resources through the Research4Life Content Portal.

This webinar will not only explain the necessary technical requirements but will also highlight recent improvements and provide detailed guidance on resolving the common issues reported by users. By participating, you will gain a better understanding of how to navigate the portal efficiently and make the most of the valuable resources available to you. This session is designed to ensure that all users, regardless of technical expertise, can access and utilize these critical resources effectively.

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