Governance and Code of Conduct

Research4Life General Partners Meeting. Geneva, July 2019.

Research4Life General Partners Meeting. Geneva, July 2019. / Copyright: WIPO. Photo: Emmanuel Berrod. Licence.

The Research4Life governance is as simple and as efficiently structured as possible, with progress monitored and future developments agreed at the annual General Partners Meeting (GPM). The GPM is the governing and authoritative body of Research4Life where decision are taken. The meeting designates temporary teams to address particular strategic and tactical issues.

In addition, the Executive Council represents the major contributing partners and takes ongoing operational decisions between General Partners Meetings. Several Teams are assigned by the executive council and report back to it:  Capacity Development, Communications and Marketing, Eligibility, Finance, Fundraising and Technology.

The Research4Life Partnership established a Code of Conduct that applies to all those conducting work for Research4Life and is intended to act as guidance alongside employers’ codes of conduct.

Executive Council

Kimberly Parker
Chair, Executive Council

Ylann Schemm
Vice-chair, Executive Council

Daniel Dollar
Past chair, Executive Council
Yale University Library

Programme Managers

Kimberly Parker
Hinari Programme Manager

Imma Subirats
AGORA Programme Manager

Andrew Czajkowski
ARDI Programme Manager

Angeline Djampou
OARE Programme Manager

Richelle Van Snellenberg
GOALI Programme Manager

Capacity Development Team

Imma Subirats
Chair, Training Team

Ilkay Holt
Chair, Training Team

Lenny Rhine
Chair, Training Team
Librarians Without Borders

Communications & Marketing Team

Domiziana Francescon
Chair, Communications & Marketing Team
Elsevier Foundation

Elisa Nelissen
Research4Life Communications Coordinator

Eligibility Team

Tamara Lucas
Chair, Eligibility Team
The Lancet

Finance Team

Andrea Powell
Chair, Finance Team

Fundraising Team

Mary Ochs
Chair, Fundraising Team
Cornell University

Technology Team

Holly Mistlebauer
Chair, Technology Team
Cornell University

Ged Cheng
Chair, Technology Team