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FOR YEAR 2022:

At the 2021 Research4Life General Partners Meeting, the partners decided to bring to a close the Transitional Path. In the years in which the Transitional Path has operated, only a few publishers have participated, and only a few institutions have signed up or used. This has been a disappointment to all, and the partners have chosen to redirect the efforts in supporting the infrastructure of the Transitional Path into the other activities of Research4Life. The Transitional Path will remain open during the calendar year of 2022. At the end of that time, all access to the content for any registered institutions in the below countries will close.

A small set of content is available to some institutions in countries, areas, or territories no longer eligible for the Research4Life core offer.

Eligible categories of institutions are: small clinics providing healthcare services, and small educational institutions that provide basic training in vocational activities. In addition, local Non-Governmental Organizations or agricultural extension centres that are not also research institutes, educational organizations, or major government offices are eligible.

The Transitional Path offer costs US$ 1500 per institution per calendar year (from January to December ). All eligible institutions will receive a six-month trial without payment.


A country, area, or territory must fulfil at least one of the three factors designated by the last three bullet points. The last point is a complex one. In order to fulfil it, the country, area, or territory must meet both criteria listed :

  • Countries, areas, or territories with a total GNI above US$ 1 trillion are not eligible for Research4Liferegardless of other factors
  • All other countries, areas, or territories fulfilling any of the below criteria not already covered in the Core Offer (Groups A and B)
    • Human Development Index (HDI) is at or less than 0.67 and/or
    • Gross National Income per capita (GNIpc) is at less than US$ 6,000 and/or
    • Total Gross National Income (GNI) is at or less than US$ 150 billion where GNIpc is at or less than US$ 10,000

Transitional path countries, areas and territories

  • Bulgaria
  • Dominican Republic
  • Indonesia
  • Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • Kazakhstan
  • Philippines
  • South Africa
  • Thailand
  • Turkmenistan

This list of countries, areas, and territories is intended for use by the Research4Life partnership only. Given the specific nature of the design of this list which incorporates factors relevant to our public-private-partnerships, we recommend that anyone seeking a list of countries fitting certain criteria should consult original UNDP, and World Bank data.

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