Kindred Organisations

Kindred Organisations

The organizations listed here are all active working towards the goal of providing access to research literature and training. We provide these links for your convenience and as additional sources of information.

EIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries)

EIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries) is a not-for-profit organization that works with libraries to enable access to knowledge in developing and transition economy countries
in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America. In a highly networked digital world our activities help people access and use information for education, learning, research and sustainable community development. We build capacity, advocate for access to knowledge nationally and internationally, encourage knowledge sharing, and initiate pilot projects for innovative library services through programmes on Licensing, Copyright and Libraries, Open Access and Public Library Innovation.


INASP is an international development charity working with a global network of partners to improve access, production and use of research information and knowledge, so that countries are equipped to contribute to international development to solve their development challenges. INASP has supported southern access to scholarly knowledge since it was founded in 1992.

Today researchers in 1,900 southern institutions have free or low-cost access to 50,000 online journals and 20,000 online books thanks to agreements brokered by INASP between library consortia and international publishers. With a focus on long-term sustainability, INASP works with national library consortia to support them in building their own structures and processes, training librarians to manage digital libraries and developing direct relationships with publishers to provide effective and on-going access to literature. INASP’s AuthorAID programme  supports researchers to produce and publish research, either locally through the Journals Online platforms or internationally.  INASP also works with policymakers to understand the value and use of evidence in policy making.

MEDBOX – The Aid Library – Tools to safe lives!

MEDBOX is an innovative, constantly updated online library with practical resources for health action. Six main categories (Key Resources, Clinical Guidelines, Women and Child Health, Public Health, Pharmacy and Technologies, Countries) and toolboxes offer hands-on documents and guidelines. Toolboxes are specialized collections of documents on one particular  context or topic, which have been established as a reaction to acute events e.g. for recent epidemics like Zika, Ebola and for crisis settings such as Syria, South Sudan or earthquakes (Nepal). The Refugee Toolbox responds in particular to the high number of refugees in Germany and Europe.

Sense About Science

Founded in 2002, Sense About Science is a charity that equips the public to make sense of science and evidence in public life. We work with scientists, scientific bodies, research publishers, policy makers, community groups and the media, to create an environment that supports clear and open public discussion about research and its findings free from intimation, hysteria and political pressure. We ensure that the public’s questions about evidence are heard — and answered. Through our award-winning campaigns, we promote the understanding of scientific evidence, encourage the public to ask for evidence behind claims ( and respond when science and evidence are misrepresented.

TEEAL (The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library)

TEEAL (The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library) has been providing access to agricultural research literature at institutions in low-income countries with limited internet access or financial resources.  TEEAL is a searchable digital electronic library that does not require internet connectivity.  The TEEAL base set comes on a small-footprint computer that is designed to be used on an institution’s local area network (LAN) or a stand-along computer, and it is updated on an annual basis.  The current TEEAL base set (1993-2014) provides access to over 425 agricultural research journals and to three non-journal collections from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Ethiopia ATA (Agricultural Transformation Agency), and AGRA (Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa).  Please contact TEEAL at for further information.