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Call for applications: Hinari Online Users Course

6th November 2017

A new Hinari Users course will be available for free to users in registered institutions.

The two-week distance learning course focuses on the basic skills needed to effectively access and download full-text material from Hinari. You will also learn how to complete keyword searches in Hinari/PubMed and Summon. The course will take 5-7 hours to complete including hands-on activities. After the instructors review of the submitted exercises, recipients will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

  • Registration Deadline: November 17
  • When: November 20 – December 1st (2 weeks)
  • Where: Online through ITOCA* Moodle platform
  • Language: English
  • Audience: Participants must be from Hinari registered institutions and already have the institutions’ UserID

To register to the course submit the application form available at:

For questions about this course email:

You will need your name, email address, institution and Hinari userID.

*Information, Training and Outreach Centre for Africa


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Research4Life Training: An Overview of the Past Year

29th July 2015

To make the best use of the Research4Life resources, training is one of the key and most important activities that our partners and programmes are committed to offer to our users. During the year thousands of librarians and researchers make use of our training material around the globe.

Research4Life offers long-term support on the use of the HINARI, AGORAOARE and ARDI online platforms, Reference Management Tools and also training on how to write, read and publish research papers. Training workshops and courses are offered online via our Training Portal, Programme Portals and ITOCA Moodle Platform, but users can also attend National Training Workshops in different countries. Most of the Training workshops are hosted and funded by partner organizations and universities, and others are directly funded by Research4Life.

The following map presents an overview of the National Training Workshops conducted during the past year. This map is a comprehensive overview of the workshops notified to the Training Team, if you or your organization hosted a Research4Life workshop during the past year, and it is not on the map, please let us now by sending an email to:

Are you joining a Research4Life workshop in the future? would you like to follow an online workshop? stay tuned for upcoming training!

(click on the image to enlarge)


About the author

Natalia Rodriguez

Natalia Rodriguez

Natalia Rodriguez @rodrigueznats is the Communications Coordinator for Research4Life. She works with different organisations finding innovative ways to communicate science and development.

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Free AGORA online course

30th April 2015

If you are a researcher, librarian or a professional working in Agriculture, the new AGORA online course is for you. Delivered online through the ITOCA Moodle platform, the course takes around 6-8 hours to complete, is self-paced and contains a short set of exercises to complete. You will learn key skills that are necessary for the efficient and effective use of the resources in the Programme. Participants will receive a certificate after finishing the course.

The AGORA programme is a collection of more than 5700 key journals and 4100 books in the fields of food, agriculture, environmental science and related social sciences. 2800 institutions in more than 100 countries have registered for free or at a low cost to the programme.

In order to join you must be from an AGORA registered institution.

Registration opens the 4th of May following this online form. You will need your name, email address, institution and AGORA userID.




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