Summon per Country

You may search for the fulltext of Research4Life content using the Summon instance for your country, area, or territory. Please note that each instance is customized to the content available in a particular country, area, or territory, and it is important to use the correct version otherwise you may be blocked from fulltext after your search.

Please report to any problems with fulltext resources in the Summon results pages not being available.

The above eligible countries, areas and territories with direct links have specific Summon search sites available. If your country, area or territory does not yet have a Summon site configured, we provide a notation as to the country site with the closest possible match for available content. Please keep in mind when using a different country’s site that some articles retrieved may be from journals and books not available in your country, area or territory or you may miss seeing some content to which your country should have access.  Additional countries, areas, and territories will be configured for searching functionality later in 2019.