This private link is intented for partners to download the latest Research4Life promotional materials. Resources available include logos, posters, booklets, boilerplate text. Print versions are high-res files with bleed marks. Web versions are low-res to read online.

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Booklets and brochures

Web banners

Posters and infographics



Information in Action

The R4L/INASP Advocacy Competition Booklet “Information in Action”

Published July 2017

Our Vision for 2020 and Beyond: Research4Life’s Strategic Plan

Research4Life’s Strategic Plan can be downloaded for online and offline use. If you require a high-res printing version for printing, please email:

Version: July 2016


Unsung Heroes: Stories from the Library

The Unsung Heroes booklet can be downloaded for online and offline use.

Version: May 2014

Making a Difference cover

Making A Difference: Stories From the Field

How Access to Scientific Literature is Improving the Livelihoods of Communities Around the World.

Version: 2013

Research4Life brochure and country insert

This brochure contains general information about Research4Life and the five programs. Comes with an insert with a list of eligible countries. Available in different languages.

Download brochures

↓ English (web, 507 kB)
↓ English (print, 1.4 MB)
↓ Spanish (web, 431 kB)
↓ Spanish (print, 2.2 MB)
↓ French (web, 431 kB)
↓ French (print, 2.2 MB)

Download inserts

English (2020): web (66 kB), print (439 kB)
Spanish (2020): web (66 kB), print (429 kB)
French (2020): web (57 kB), print (430 kB)
Arabic (2018): print (351 kB)
Portugese (2020): web (77 kB), print (450 KB)

Research4Life factsheet

Factsheet with basic information about the program.

English (2019): web (201 KB)


AGORA brochure

Foldable Brochure with general information about AGORA.
Download: English (2016), Spanish (2016), French (2017)
Version: 2016 and 2017

ARDI brochure

Foldable brochure with general information about ARDI.
Download: English, Spanish, French
Version: 2017

GOALI flyer

Brochure with general information about GOALI.

Version: 2019

Adverts landscape

A collection of four adverts in landscape format to promote Research4Life online or to be printed.

Language: English
Version: 2016

Download set


Adverts portrait

A collection of four adverts in portrait format to promote Research4Life online or to be printed.

Language: English
Version: 2016

Download set


Experiential banners

A collection of four banners with inspiring quotes from Research4Life users around the world.

Language: English, Spanish
Version: 2016

Download set (print)

Web banners collection

Below are various banners, which can be used online by Research4Life Partners.

Download R4L Web Banner 90×400
Download R4L Web Banner 220×220
Download R4L Web Banner 730×90
Download R4L Web Banner 470×60
Download R4L Web Banner 220×160
Download R4L Web Banner 150×180
Download R4L Web Banner 120×600


Standard poster

A standard A2 format poster to promote Research4Life.

Language: English
Version: 2018
Size: A2 (420x594mm)

Download in English
Download in Spanish
Download in French

Pull-up banner

A pull-up banner to print for conferences and other events.

Language: English
Version: 2018

Download PDF

R4L web infographic

An infographic with basic Research4Life information.

Language: English
Version: 2015

Download PDF (High-res for printing)

R4L infographic poster

An infographic poster with basic R4L information.

Language: English
Version: 2017

Download PDF (web version)

Research4Life-HINARI infographic poster

A poster with basic R4L information and a visualization of the Hinari impact survey results.

Language: English
Version: 2015

Download PDF (web)
Download PDF (print)

Research4Life-HINARI general poster

A general poster presenting R4L’s Hinari program.

Language: English
Version: 2018

Download PDF (A2, web)
Download PDF (A3, web)
Download PDF (A3, print)


Research4Life logo

Please use these files to update your R4L logo as from 2015.

Download Research4Life logo

Download Research4Life logo, eps version

Download Research4Life thumbnail image 80×80



Download HINARI logo

Download HINARI logo, eps version


Download AGORA Logo PNG

Download AGORA Logo high-res PNG

Download AGORA logo eps version

Download AGORA totem ad for web


Download OARE Logo PNG

Download OARE Logo eps


Download ARDI logo 


Download GOALI logo 


Research4Life General Powerpoint Presentation

Download the Research4Life Powerpoint Presentation

Research4Life Badge

Place this badge on your website and show your support as a Research4Life partner.

Download the Research4Life Partner Badge

For questions or requests please email: