Welcome to our promotions and media section. Here you’ll find different resources like videos, marketing material, pictures and latest news from the Research4Life partnership.

Video: “Unsung Heroes” Nasra Gathoni

Marketing Material

We have a range of marketing and promotional material for librarians and researchers for free download to use in their institutions such as posters, web adverts and brochures. If you require special material please send an email to communications@research4life.org

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Standard Poster

The standard Research4Life A2 Poster with basic information.


Web adverts

A set of 8 adverts in different formats to add to your website or publication.



A double side A4 Factsheet with key information about Research4Life.



Promote your library

Need some help promoting your library? check out our training section on “Marketing strategies for Research4Life resources” and download some of the material below.

Customizable Poster

A customizable poster that you can print to add your own information.

Download English version
Download Spanish version
Download French version




6Page Brochure

A small foldable brochure with key information about Research4Life and how to access the content.

English: Print versionWeb version
Español: Print versionWeb version.




Brochure Inserts

A single page insert with information in different languages about Research4Life eligibility

English: Print – Web
Spanish: Print – Web
French: Print – Web 
Portuguese: Print – Web
Russian: Print – Web
Arabic: Print  – Web