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‘Making a Difference’: Where Are They Now? – Dr. Tewodros Tilahun

Transforming Patient Care in the Developing World How access to online medical research is shaping the future of CURE Ethiopia Children’s Hospital In 2011, we heard the inspirational stories of some of the individuals who rely…


A Librarian by Passion and Profession

Cynthia Kimani embeds Research4Life training and usage across the ten campuses of the Kenyan Medical Research Institute, ramping up research output and proving the library is a digital backbone of research.   A decade ago,…


Research4Life and its impact on Agronomist in Burkina Faso

Dr Sami Hyacinthe Kambire, a researcher from Burkina Faso, shares how Research4Life as helped him to develop better and more informed scientific writing skills, produce focused research that he can discuss with top researchers worldwide,…


Physiotherapist Mulugeta Bayisa on Research4life & community impact in Ethiopia

Mulugeta Bayisa is a practising physiotherapist who teaches undergraduate physiotherapy students at the University of Gondar in Ethiopia. He is also studying postgraduate clinical physiotherapy. When he first came to the university as an undergraduate…


‘Making a Difference’: Where Are They Now? – Dr. Tim Meade

Tiny Tim & Friends (TTF) in Lusaka, Zambia How access to scientific literature crucially improves the lives of affected children, adolescents and pregnant women from some of the most economically deprived compounds in Lusaka, Zambia….


A librarian working with doctors to save lives

In this new video, we follow Nasra Gathoni for a day in her job as Librarian at the Aga Kahn University library. Nasra talks about her experience, explaining us how she is helping doctors find…


‘Making a Difference’: Where Are They Now?

Geoffrey Salanje By: Florence Robertson In 2011, ‘Making a Difference’ brought us the story of Geoffrey F. Salanje, then a college librarian at Bunda College of Agriculture, Malawi.  Since registering for AGORA, HINARI and OARE…


‘Making a Difference’: Where Are They Now?

Dr. Gamal Khalafalla Mohamed Ali By: Florence Robertson One of the inspirational stories included in 2011’s ‘Making a Difference’ was that of Dr. Gamal Khalafalla Mohamed Ali, Director General of Sudan’s Central Medical Supplies Public…


HINARI Access to Research in Health

Antiretroviral drugs give HIV/AIDS sufferers a new lease of life in Uganda Improving People’s Lives Uganda, which lies in the Sub-Saharan region in Africa, was one of the hardest hit countries by the HIV/AIDS scourge…


Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture

Unlocking the farming potential of arid and semi-arid lands in Kenya Developing New Crop Technologies In the Koibatek and Bomet districts of Kenya, a new crop technology is being developed jointly by farmers and researchers….

The Oglek tribe on their ancestral homeland

Achieving Sustainable Watersheds

Research4Life’s OARE platform helps researchers in Kenya address local environmental challenges   For generations, the Ogiek tribe in Kenya’s Rift Valley has inhabited the Mau Forest in the Njoro River watershed, relying on the river…

Wilkista Nyaora Moturi

Online Access to Research in the Environment

Improving the lives of marginalized communities – Improving clean water and sanitation to defeat childhood diarrhea Improving People’s Lives Free access to peer-reviewed scientific journals has greatly improved the quality of research and teachings in…