Research4Life Trainer Lenny Rhine on a training session in Nepal

In order for librarians and researchers to make the best use of the resources provided, we understand the importance of training and effective promotion of the services. The partners are committed to providing appropriate long-term training on the use of online resources and more. Several training modules, produced by the partners and field-tested by librarians and information managers from 16 developing countries, are available online and on CD-ROM. The training material can be used by both librarians and researchers either individually or in groups. If you are interested in obtaining copies of training materials on CD-ROM, please write to,  or

In addition to online, email and CD-ROM training support, national Research4Life workshops have been held in Asia, Latin America, Europe and Africa involving a ‘Train the trainer’ approach. Courses include presentations, lectures, group discussions, product demonstrations and hands-on practice, plus handouts available in five languages.

This training is aimed at librarians, information specialists, scientists, researchers and students.

For example, Training in Africa is undertaken by ITOCA (Information Training and Outreach Centre for Africa). So far, 20 workshops have been held in 14 countries with 550 health, agriculture and information professionals trained – cascaded to around 5,000 individuals. Further workshops are planned for Nigeria, Togo, DR Congo and Burkina Faso.

Read about one of our trainer’s experiences, Lenny Rhine , a leading example of training the trainers.

Read our interview with Gracian Chimwaza, who, in the last 13 years, undertaken extensive ICT outreach, capacity building and research missions in many African countries focusing on library e-resources access through the Research4Life programmes.

Please contact us if you are interested in organizing a training workshop.

Technical Requirements

Participating institutions will need computers connected to the internet with a connection of 56k band rate or higher. The system uses the Microsoft Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG) 2007 solution and is designed to work with Internet Explorer version 4.0 or higher, Netscape version 6 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 1.0 or higher. However we recommend that you use the most recent browser versions available for the best experience and for safer browsing. Users will also need a recent version of Adobe Acrobat viewer for the journal articles in PDF format.

Recent training with Research4Life 

Lenny Rhine, Coordinator of the ‘E-library Training Initiative’; a Librarians Without Borders®/Medical Library Association project funded by the Elsevier Foundation, recently returned from the MLA/International Congress of Medical Librarianship where he held numerous workshops including the HINARI users group and a 5 hour Train the Trainer course which he co- taught with Michael Chimalizeni from ITOCA. The course was oversubscribed with over 35 colleagues receiving a crash course in training. The training equips librarians in Western institutions teaching visiting scholars or librarians’ doing outreach through their institution’s developing world partnerships. Interested in learning more about training? Contact